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i have been waiting for this to show up in my dash forever



My dear Paul :3333 love u so much ❤


i remember one year in school, our french teacher had to pull the class aside and give us a talk about our final essays because not only did one kid in the class put his paper through Google Translate, but he translated it to Spanish by accident and handed it in thinking it was the correct language.



John’s letter to George Harrison’s family from Hamburg-1960 (?)

Dear Mrs.Horminsoon

Are is verig handsume to been in Homburg and having some great day.

I hop you are verin hopping in Englands and are Mr.Harmiglads eh? Him bus very good still yet? Io hop Peatrr is still selling him mota bikes and things and everyone a winner.

We’ve moit staig yet anoher moons in Hitlar and have many moneys and we moit spend him tooo. Are you happy with knows sons in? Your houses? Are you? I think you will like Gorges when he coomb howmb tow Ongloond becorspe heem hab anew shirt anew shirt.

OI woll close now as OI am finishing now sow OI woll ende it all. 

Happy Krishtmouses! 

Louve John



Ahh this brilliant babes

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Freddie Mercury performs topless while sitting on Superman’s shoulders, 1979.

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There are girls out there who think that Robert Plant is ugly





There are girls out there who know that Robert Plant is ugly 



The Beatles -

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